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A R Henderson
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There are a lot of good consulting firms out there.  Many of them will impress you with great presentations, solid credentials and exciting products.

Many times, however, your investment in time and money fails to achieve the results you expected.  Why?

Simply put, consultants often come to the table with a tested portfolio of strategies that have proven successful.  The problem—they’ve not been proven successful with your business.  Your business is unique:  your clients, your processes and your employees are not the same as at the firm across town or across the country.  Understanding your business and the niche it occupies is the first key to a successful project.

My primary approach is to help you to discover the untapped knowledge and insight about your business that you already have—and to bring that insight to the fore and help you to act on it.  That means my projects are partnerships—between you and me and your staff as well.  Your staff is your front-line interface with the customers and processes of your business.  Without their buy-in, understanding and support, the project is likely to fall short of the results you want.

More than anything else, a clear understanding of the relationships among the problem, its solution and the players involved is where the success of a project stands or falls.  With that understanding, you have a fighting chance.  Without it, you’re merely throwing money and resources at the problem.  To achieve that understanding, it is critical that we are both comfortable in our communications with each other and open to learning what is happening in your business. 

So if you’re looking for someone to help your business, someone with experience who will take the time to understand your specific issues and work with you to solve them, drop me a line.  Let’s test the waters and see how we can work together to grow your business.


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