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I grew up in rural southwestern Pennsylvania.  As a kid, I was interested in many things—plants, biology, meteorology, art, design.  So upon high-school graduation, I pursued a degree in General Science from Penn State.  After university, I moved to Northern Virginia for a change of scenery and answered a help-wanted ad for a new horticultural distribution center under development in the area.  That was the beginning of my career at Imperial Nurseries.  I started out digging irrigation trenches in the red Virginia clay and moved on to running nursery customer service, then the hardlines department.  In 1990, I accepted an offer to move to Imperial’s headquarters in Connecticut as a programmer/analyst in information technology (IT).  There I gradually advanced to head IT and to oversee quality control for Imperial as a whole.

In 1998, due to family circumstances, I moved back to Northern Virginia and took on the role of Assistant Vice-President for Business Development for Imperial, researching new business expansion opportunities while providing marketing and IT support for the distribution division.

In 2001, Imperial sold its distribution division to Shemin Nurseries.  At the time, I was deep into due-diligence with attorneys and government agencies on potential new Imperial sites in central New Jersey and Western Maryland.   I transferred with the sale to Shemin and took on a new role as Manager of Marketing Communications, designing and overseeing advertising, direct mail, web presence and trade publications for Shemin.

After seven years at Shemin, I struck out on my own in 2008.  Since that time, I’ve worked on many projects in advertising, direct mail, web, e-commerce and database design.   My background allows me to bring a broad perspective to my clients’ problems; an understanding of how operations, customers and employees interact helps me to create tightly-targeted, efficient and cost-effective solutions.  Drop me a line to explore how we can work together to solve your business issues.


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